Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where does the time go?!!!

Seriously.....where does the time 'go'???? I've been busy...........I really have been. Jehnna had a really bad cold this past week, and I had to take off a day to tend to her. We took her to the doctors, and he gave us some meds to give to her. Do you know how hard it is to TRY to give medicine to a baby?!!! It is really hard, though I'm sure all you mothers out there know all about it! ;-) But she is doing MUCH, MUCH better today, and we're grateful for that. Didn't want her to be sick on her very first Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving: YAY!! It's only four days away!!!!!!! I'm excited, can ya tell?! I already have a turkey, because I'm making that, and some pumpkin pie. But all of my other family members are bringing a dish. I enjoy all the food, it's just THAT great!!!!! Ha ha, just don't like the idea of gaining about five pounds...........don't wanna think about that! I can always loose it after the holidays though, or at least I hope I can.

Brittney is doing well, dancing is going good. She really enjoys dancing at the football games and cheering for school events! Matthew, he's doing great. Been making lots of new friends....SO happy for him!!! He always loved having so many friends....the child can't be bored. LOL, he kinda takes after he momma!

Okay, and Jehnna. Already told you about her. But I have a picture of her on Halloween!

I'll post it......but it might end up at the top of the post!?

Anyway, I will post soon. I have a week off.........LOVE them holidays!


Veronica said...

Hey Girl! glad to see you. My kids have school Mon and Tues, make up days for Gustav. Got my Gumbo ready, cornbread baked for the dressing and linens being washed. Still have other items to prepare, but I'm going day by day! Hope Jehnna is feeling "top-notch" on her first "Turkey" day! Enjoy your week off! come check out my blog. I'll be posting my activities until the big day!!

Veronica said...

Hey! email me and that way I'll have your email addy! mine is