Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where does the time go?!!!

Seriously.....where does the time 'go'???? I've been busy...........I really have been. Jehnna had a really bad cold this past week, and I had to take off a day to tend to her. We took her to the doctors, and he gave us some meds to give to her. Do you know how hard it is to TRY to give medicine to a baby?!!! It is really hard, though I'm sure all you mothers out there know all about it! ;-) But she is doing MUCH, MUCH better today, and we're grateful for that. Didn't want her to be sick on her very first Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving: YAY!! It's only four days away!!!!!!! I'm excited, can ya tell?! I already have a turkey, because I'm making that, and some pumpkin pie. But all of my other family members are bringing a dish. I enjoy all the food, it's just THAT great!!!!! Ha ha, just don't like the idea of gaining about five pounds...........don't wanna think about that! I can always loose it after the holidays though, or at least I hope I can.

Brittney is doing well, dancing is going good. She really enjoys dancing at the football games and cheering for school events! Matthew, he's doing great. Been making lots of new friends....SO happy for him!!! He always loved having so many friends....the child can't be bored. LOL, he kinda takes after he momma!

Okay, and Jehnna. Already told you about her. But I have a picture of her on Halloween!

I'll post it......but it might end up at the top of the post!?

Anyway, I will post soon. I have a week off.........LOVE them holidays!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanksgiving is near!

I really enjoy Thanksgiving! And the fact that is finally almost here, is SO awesome!!!!!! Right?! LOL! I don't know exactly why I like it so much, maybe cathing up with some family members, all the great food, and the relaxing........Ah, so many great things about it! And Christmas, it just as amazing!!!! Don't ya just love all these holidays?!!! ;-)
Anyway, did you see the new changes to my blog? I changed it up a little to look a little bit like Thanksgiving/the colors of this holiday. I love the picture I found.......the turkey looks G-R-E-A-T!!!!!!! What do you think?
Well, still busy as ever. And Halloween has just passed and it was Jehnna's first. She LOVED it!! I took some pictures, and will post them this weekend.
So, come back and see those.
In the meantime, have a great night and I'll post soon.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Whirlwind of a Month!

That is really what it's been! I mean, I've really been BUSY. That's about all I can explain to all of you. So sorry that I haven't been updating as much as used to. As you all should know by now, I'm a 4th grade teacher and have three children. One 4-month old in the mix. So, it's been pretty busy w/ her. And making sure Britt is ready for her football games at her school. AND grading papers at school and, okay, you get the point, right? ;-)
I really need a vacay soon. But just have to wait a few more weeks for Thanksgiving!!!! Can't wait for that! Speaking of 'school holidays', we're off Election Day next Tuesday! YAY! But I'm going to be spending that day cleaning up the house and going to vote for President. Hmmmm, yes, I have decided who I am voting for. And that being: John McCain. I actually think he's okay, I mean, seriously. But I really like Sarah Palin. She seems so sweet and seems 'fit' for Vice-President. I know that many people do have mixed feelings on her. And the fact that she has not 1, not 2, but FIVE kids?!!! Gee, I thought I was having a hard time raising three, but five? God bless her! LOL. I couldn't deal with way! Three is enough for me.
Anyway, I just wanted to send you all a 'quick' update on me. I'm going to try to post pictures of Jehn soon. But give me some time, okay? Maybe I won't be too busy...............yeah, psssh, right. Ha ha!
Have a great night and I'll post sometime soon!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Picture time!!

I finally got around to posting some new pictures of little Jehnna!!!! Aren't ya just happy I did so? LOL ;-)
Some of these are kinda a month old, and some are just a few weeks old. But OMGosh, she looks different than when I first brought her home. It's just amazing!!! Well, take a look and let me know what you think. Hope you're having a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Have I been's just been crazy!!!!!! Between going to meetings, picking up Jehn at my mom's or Mark's moms, picking up Britt from dance practice, going to get Matt from football practice, grading school papers.......I mean serioulsy, I could go on! But I'll stop there, for your sake!!! ;-)
Well, I do promise that I WILL post some pictures of Jehnna, maybe this weekend?! I've been getting some new pictures of her taken and putting them all together on my laptop, for you all to see them!!! OMGosh, I swear, she's getting sooo big! She's already three months. Wow, right??!!!
I really wish I could stay home with her and take off of work, but I can't. And believe me, I would sooooo rather be home with my baby and not have to put 'up' with 4th graders all day, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week! Ha ha!
But I gotta tell ya, I'm SO happy it's Fall!!!!!! I LOVE Fall and Winter. Love the cold, and turning back on my ovens and drinking hot chocolate! Can't go wrong there, it's way better than being 'hot' and drinking water and drinks to cool 'off'!!! Right?
Well, I'm going to get off now! Gonna go help give Jehn a bath. And I'll be back soon to post pictures!!!
Post soon....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Can you say 'Busy'?!

Hmmm.........what's the word that I can use for my week..........oh, yeah, BUSY!!!!!!!!!! Wow, between getting tests ready, study guides, and meetings.....its been waaaaay crazy! And on top of everything, taking care of Jehn. Poor thing, she's been sick with a little cold. :-(
Mark took her to the doctor yesterday and everything went well with that. Was surprised that the doctor didn't give her a shot. Thought she was needed for one, but guess not. Oh well. She wouldn't have liked that anyway LOL. But who knows, she might take it well. Wasn't with her when they gave her first shots in the hospital, so I have NO idea! From what I've heard, she hasn't really enjoyed it. But what baby doesn't?! Anyway, just hoping that she gets well soon. Really hate to leave her home while she's not well. It breaks my heart.
Other than that, been helping Matt with some of his homework. He's been going 'crazy' because he's doing something in his math class that he doesn't enjoy, nor like. But me, a teacher, will be helping him! Now see, that's one good thing about having a mom that's a techer.............they can help you and help you understand. Right?! But on the other hand, they don't really like having a mom as a teacher. LOL oh well, they'll get over it. But it's also great because sometimes students need a tutor, and well, since I'm a teacher, my kids don't need it. So, there's lots of 'pro's and con's'. Some good, some not-so-good. Ha ha!
Anyway, I am planning on starting to re-do my garden this weekend. OMGosh, don't even wanna start on saying how bad it looks right now. This summer I haven't really been able to 'work' on it because of me having a baby and just been way too busy. So I just put if off. But Saturday, I'm going to work on that. Mom might come over to help........which she LOVES gardening, so that will work out good. And it'll be good to spend some time w/ her.
Let's just say, Britt probably won't want to do it with us. Ha, she seems to think she's too cool. Yeah, okay Britt.......LOL
Well I need to get my things all together for tomorrow. Guess what?!!! FRIDAY TOMORROW!!!! Yay!! Can't wait.
LOL Have a great night and a wonderful Friday!
Post you all soon.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

So far, so good..

Okay, so as you all know, the students here started Tuesday! They all walked into the class, gave me the suppiles that needed to be turned 'in', and were actually a REALLY good class!!!! I mean, it's seriously awesome! Last year, had a class with 19 kids.....and most of them were good students. But ya know, you're gonna have them bad ones. LOL and I happened to have at least FIVE of them.......too much, right??! I can handle at least 2-3. But five?! I don't how I did it, but I did! Thankfully!!!!! Anyway, have 4 students that I had last year with me again. And out of those four, only 1 bad one! Boy, did that turn out good. And I know I may be sounding like a mean teacher, but honsetly, it's a lot to deal with the 'bad' students.....especially five, like I had last school year. And the new students, are good students. Well, okay, right now they are anyway. Have to wait and see about next week.............they might be fooling me right now. Hope they're not, this happens a few years. But hey, maybe this year will be a blessing!!!! LOL well, I can wish, right?!
Britt and Matt started on Tuesday as well. Okay, now this is odd, Britt LOVES school, and Matt, well he doesn't like it. But now, he loves it. Must be because his new teachers. He likes them...very nice he says. Yeah, well.....wait just a little into the year and he'll be wishing it was summer again. Ha ha! He changes his mind.....a lot!
Jehnna is doing well.....went to Mark's mom today. Ahhhhh, Mandy is so sweet. (That is Mark's mom, BTW). She made sure to do everything I told her to do with Jehn. AND some more that she didn't have to do. And she doesn't want to be paid, but I WILL pay her. No doubt about it. She's like my 2nd mom........soooo sweet. So, I'm glad Mark has a great mother like her.
And she LOVES babysitting, so that's good.
I'm trying to deal with things around the cleaning. We just finished eating dinner and now, have to clean 'up' our messses. Oh what joy? LOL Maybe I should hire a wait, toooo much money. Oh forget it....probably wouldn't like their way of cleaning anyway.
Anyway, gotta go and gets things together for tomorrow. TGIF!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!! See???? I told ya I was happy for Fridays during school years. Ha!
Have a great night and I'll post soon/later.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Now, it REALLY starts...

I can't believe the weekend is, where did it go??!! That means, school tomorrow and all week! Lovely!!!! And students start on Tuesday, the 12th. That means school 'really' starts. LOL I say that because now I'll be busy AND teaching! No more getting ready and setting up the classroom. God help me now, just kidding! I'm sure I'll be fine! ;-) If I get the chance to post on Tuesday, I'll let ya know how it goes.
Britt is ready for school, mainly because she's happy that she's on the dance team this year and gets to do exciting things!!!! I'm really happy for her, she LOVES dancing! Now, Matt on the other hand, isn't. I mean, he likes school, but not enough to go back. Haha! Crazy kid, I tell ya!
Really pushing for them to do well this year. Matt is a very bright student and makes good grades.....but when the last half of the school year gets here....he slacks down/off. I know many students who do that too........well, because I am a teacher!!! LOL! Britt does well, but gets too many C's. Needs to put those C's up to B's. But as long as each of them don't get D's and F's, I'm alright.
Just have to wait and see how Jehnna does...........hopefully, well.
I need to get ready for this week and get things together for Jehn. She's going to my moms tomorrow. Hey, she's been doing good with babysitters, so thats a good thing, right??!
Okay, I needa go. I'll post you soon.
Have a peaceful night and a great week!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

'Back to School'!

I'm back to being inside a classroom, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day!!! Arrrrggggg!!!!! Summer just 'FLEW' by....literally! Started back yesterday, and gonna admit it was a good day. Thankfully..LOL But I'm going to have to wait and see just have 'peaceful' it is gonna be when the students start on Tuesday (August 12th)! Kinda excited to see how my students are, and if any was in my class last year. Because I was teaching thrid grade last year, and this year they moved me 'up' a grade level. So, gonna be with some of my lil' ones that I had last year. And most of them were good.........MOST. Ha ha! There was a couple of those bad ones too. Maybe I'll be blessed and won't have the bad ones I had last year with me again.....only kidding! ;-)
Won't mind to have them again, they were good students.
Okay, I'm done with getting things for Britt and Matt. YAY!!!! Finished everything on Tuesday. Last year, didn't finish until a DAY before school started for them......that was crazy! But this year, was done early. So, that was awesome!!
And Jehnna's doing well.....growing too fast! She started seeing my mom on Wednesday, because now since school started my mom and Mark's mom will be watching her.
Mom said she's doing well......great! Now, lets see how she'll be doing in about 2 weeks. LOL
Well, getting late and I need to get ready for bed.
I'll post you soon or whenever I get the chance.
Have a great night!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Almost that time.....

Alright, its almost time for school, well for me anyway! UGGGHHHHH, I'm so NOT excited/thrilled about it. Can't ya tell?!?! LOL. I was, actually, going to start in mid-September. Due to the fact I gave birth just a little over a month ago. But things changed.......was really upset about it. But I'm happy I got 'some' time with Jehn. Can't believe she is getting soooo big already. :-( Time flies TOO fast, so I'm just trying to enjoy every little moment!!! Oh, and especially with my oldest, Britt, going into 10th. And Matt, going to 8th. Getting sooo big, as well. It simply amazes me!!!!
Well, on the other hand, I finished getting school supplies this past Saturday. Done with that. YAY!!!!!! LOL OMGosh, is it just me or is school supplys too expensive??? Like, I'm serious......walked into Wal-Mart and a pack of glue sticks were $3.00............and those just had 2 in the darn pack. Waaaaaay expensive! Right?! Tonight I'm going to get some shoes and new socks for Britt & Matt. Then, I'll be done with everything. Oh, and tomorrow....getting the 'last' thing for them, that being some new jeans and pants. Whew, then I'm finally done!!! And then Wednesday, school starts for me!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Arrrrgggggg. But oh well, we'll see how the year starts off. :-)
And hopefully, the year just flies by.........okay, maybe it will, maybe it won't?! Ha ha! But at least I'M hoping it does.
Anyway, I'll post you soon. Have to get some things done around the house.
Fun, right????
Have a great day and evening!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

OMG, last summer weekend!!

Okay, so I came to notice that this weekend, is the LAST weekend before my summer ends!!!!!! UGGGGGHHHHHHH, NOOOOOOOO!!!! Don't tell me that!!! LOL I am/was really enjoying my summer, you know, with my new little 'joy' and the days off. Ahhhhhh, just simply wonderful!! And that is now, coming to an 'end'. It's crazy how fast the summer flew by for me..............I mean, honsetly, FLEW BY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My kids are aren't even ready to go back, well they never are, but still. Ha ha! Had a wonderful summer......filled with wonderful memories of my new lil' girl!!!!! So that was the highlight of my summer, and as well as spending time w/ Britt and Matt! And can't forget............Mark!!!!! Couldn't do it without him, he's amazing and I appreciate him soooooooooo much. Been married 16 years and wouldn't change a darn thing!
Okay......enough of my rambling. I changed up the font style once again, like it?! Gotta have some 'change' sometime. ;-) If it's getting annoying or bothering ya, just let me know. I'll be at your service!!!! LOL.
School supplies: Almost done. School clothes: Need two more pairs of pants/jeans for Britt and Matt. Shoes: DONE!
Whew................see, I can get some things done before school starts! I still plan on getting/buying some new things for my classroom. It's a job just decorating the class.. and setting up things that are needed.................for example: When I return, need to make seating charts!!!! Already found out that I'm going to have 23 kids in my class this year........about three more than last year, ohhhhhhhh yeah, help me?!! Ha! Oh AND get things ready for Jehnna. Lots and lots to do!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh, so I'm going to be busy!!!! Might not be able to 'post' for a couple of days when school starts......sorry about that. Gonna miss keeping up with you all daily......:-(
But good news: There's next summer..........LONNGGGG way off, but hey, still gonna come, right?! Crossing my fingers that this school year will fly by!!!
Great, just great!! I tried to upload Jehn's pictures....but didn't upload. Arrrgggggggg, needa work on this. I'm sorry!!! I promise I WILL post................just give me sometime.
Anyway, need to get ready for bed and for Jehn's bath. I will post soon.

Monday, July 28, 2008


That's how it's pretty much been for me the past few days.....BUSY!!!! Jehnna has been a little sick w/ a cold, so had to take her to the doctors Friday and then after that, had to go see a dance Brittney's dance team put together. Great, really great dance!! Matt went fishing with Mark and his friend on Saturday morning, didn't get home until 4:30 in the afternoon. SUNBURNT........told them to wear sunscreen, but, didn't listen. Matt's told me that he was gonna listen next time, yeah, ok. LOL
He's been resting in his room, with the fan ON and ice by his side. But I'm hoping he gets better soon. Teaches him a 'lesson'. ;-)
This morning I got a few minutes of peace & quiet, woke up, made a pot of coffee, and then....sat and read the newspaper. Mark left about an hour before I woke up, so it was just me........boy, lovely!!!!
Didn't last for long though, Jehn woke up about 20 minutes after. Oh well, at least I got some minutes, right?!
Okay, I haven't cooked in a long time. We've been usually ordering food and pizza, because I've been busy with getting ready to go 'back to school' and busy with Jehn. So, this morning, I was looking up good recipes. Found a good looking meal on Yahoo! Foods.......gonna try to do that. Spinach and Bacon Pasta Toss sounds good, right???!!! Gonna try that one tonight, and hopfeully I can do it. LOL going to head to the store in a few. I love pasta, and so does the kids and Mark, so they might enjoy it.
I also need to clean up around the house, yay!!!!!! Ha ha! Gonna take me some time. Great, just what I need....more to keep me busy.
Anyway, have to get started on dinner and cleaning.
I'll post soon.
Try and have a great day!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Wednesday folks.

I have no idea why, but I'm honsetly really happy a 'good' mood!!!
Feeling so grateful today for what I have in life, and my family and wonderful hubby and children! I KNOW it is because of the latest book I just finished up this morning, while Jehn was taking her nap. It's called "The Purpose Driven Life". OMG, it's soooo good! I loved it!! I was gonna metion it earlier, but wanted to wait until I actually finished reading the entire book. Oh, and it's by Rick Warren. If ya haven't gotten it, you need to buy/read it!!!! It's really awesome. So uplifting and inspiring! Just wanted to let you guys know. And if you did happen to read it, how did ya like it??? Love it......really do! These are my favorite kind-of books to read...along with romance. ;-)
With that being said, I made a picture for my blog today. I'm sure you can see it when you come to the blog. I made it myself.......but I might need it a bit bigger. It was big, but TOO big. Needa see if there's another way to make it bigger, but not too big. And guys, it was REALLY simple to make. I found a picture of nature-like things, and I loved that picture. Okay, clicked 'save' and then went onto and created it. Simple, fast, easy!! Can't beat it. LOL So if you wanna do one, just do that. I don't need anything too fancy....simple will do.
Today I don't think I'll be doing too much.............YEAH!!!!!!!! Ha ha! It's been kinda rainy here b/c of 'Dolly'. The hurricane. They're saying it shouldn't hit near me, so I'm hoping it doesn't. It would be crazy...especially with baby Jehnna. But all I can do is hope and pray it doesn't.
I'm going to start dinner for tonight, have to decide what to make. Gonna have to brainstorm some ideas. Any ideas for me?? LOL.
I hope you have a wonderful day, whatever the weather is like.
Post you soon.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Getting closer..uggggghhhh!

The days are getting there...........almost time to go 'back to school'. Can you believe it????!! I mean, honsetly, this summer has just FLEW by!!!!!! And I am NOT ready to go back to school. Seriously. It's werid because I always wanted to be a teacher when I was younger and I am one now. And when I started the job, I loved it!!!! But after 23 years, I am just worn out!!!!!!!!! Between getting up early, meetings, dealing w/ kids all day, after-school meetings. papers to grade, and all that..............I just am really tired. Mark really does help a lot with Britt & Matt, and does sometimes get home before so, he cleans up a little. That realllllly helps!! And I so appreciate it! With Jehnna now here, my mother and Mark's mom is going to take turns with watching her; My mom has Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Mark's mom has Tuesdays and Thursdays. That will help us out BIG time, and we're gonna need that help. LOL But hopefully, since I'm teaching 4th grade this year, the kids are easier AND that they behave well. Pssssh, yeah, right. What am I thinking??!! Ha ha! Gotta this memo in my head: 'Kids are matter WHAT the age'. They are wild and crazy.........well, most of them anyway!!!! I know mine were in school, but angels in home and w/ family. Funny how that works sometimes, huh? Have to see how lil' Jehnna turns out ;-)
Well, on Saturday, Jehn turned one month old! Family members came to the house and Mark grilled some hamburgers and chicken w/ bbq. Just for a visit with Jehn. And I know we went a LITTLE over the top with this, but hey, one month is something. lol. And this is our last baby, we have to have some fun with her.
And I DID get some pictures of Jehn........but I am trying to see if they 'show' up on here. Sometimes they don't, and I have nooooo idea why. Anyone knows who can help me out???
But anyway, gona try to post them.
I hope you all had a great day and weekend. I will post soon and most likely...with pictures.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jehnna is now one month!!!

Ahhhhh, can't believe it!!!! Jehnna turns one month old today.........and I know that it isn't a BIG milestone, but ya know......she IS one month now. :-)
She is just getting soooooooo big, and is growing sooo fast!!!!!! It still seems like yesterday when she first came out in the hospital room. Sooo little then, and now, getting so bigger by each day. She's so amazing and is a sweet baby, if I must say so. I'm going to take a picture today and post it later on tonight/or tomorrow. Mark and I are gonna take a walk in the park in a while with little Jehn. Then, some family members are gonna come to the house later on in the evening, to visit with her. Gonna be a full house. Oh, and Britt's friend is still here. LOL good thing I didn't think she was only gonna stay for one night........or else I would've been surprised because she was staying longer than one night. But it's all good. They're having a fun time, which is, by the way, great!!! And Matt's friend....left this morning. So, let's just say, let the annoying Britt and her friend.........BEGIN!!!!!!!! Ha ha!
Anyway, gonna go get ready for today.
Pictures are going to be taken, so ya get to see some soon.
Have a great day....I'll post soon.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Okay, so ya need to forgive me!!!! I know I haven't posted in two days, but seriously..........BUSY week!! Remember how I said that Matt's friend was gonna stay with us for three days?! Well, yeah...............I thought so, but now he's with us for an extra two days! Fine with me, honestly. But I thought that he was gonna leave today, until his mom called that is. Oh well, gives Matt someone to hang with besides him annoying Brittney. LOL but anyway, speaking of friends, Britt's best friend is spending the night...........okay, at least I'M thinking one night, could be Joshua (Matt's little friend). Haha! And Jehnna....well, she's almost one-month.......I don't think she has any friends yet??!! ;-)
Today I spent the morning dropping off Britt @ dance practice, and cooking dinner for tonight. I'm cooking pot-roast, sounds good? We haven't had it since May, so I figured it was long 'over-due'. Ya agree??
It's now almost 3 in the afternoon, and I need to start getting ready to pick up Britt from dance. 3:30....3:30.....3:30 (reminder to self, ha)
Oh, and yeah....while we're on the subject of 'Britt', gotta mention how her and her boyfriend are doing. Yeah, still spying on 'em. LOL just kidding. But anyway, doing great............he actually just came back from Flordia.....Panama City and well, since, uh, our family didn't go anywhere this summer, which stinks, but I already vented about it, so no need to re-hash all over again...LOL. But he got her a little shirt made for her with her name and it was SOOO cute. And a little bracelet to go along w/ it!!!!! So sweet, huh?! But he's gonna come over tomorrow morning, to spend the day with Britt. Best part is, I'm gonna be home!!!!! YAY! LOL.
Well, it's about a 10 minute drive to get Britt. So I have to get going....I'll post soon.
But probably not tomorrow............doing the sister's garden.

Monday, July 14, 2008

New week and lots to do!!

Well, here is a brand new week!!!! It's amazing how FAST this summer is, and I go back to school August 6th. :-( I am SOOOOOOO not ready for that............Britt and Matt go back August 11th. Okay, around 3 weeks left for me (if that much lol). Jehnna is doing well, actually have a doctor's appointment tomorrow in the morning. Along with many other things to do............: Have to work on my sister's garden on Thursday, since, well, she needs help....Britt has to go to dance camp this week and I have to drive her and pick her up (she's on the high school's dance team and they have practice), Matt has a friend from his old school spending three days, and I have to go shopping for the house and school......better start buying the 'school stuff' now, if not, they won't have much left of ANYTHING. LOL like last year, went the 2nd week in August, and nothing..........................boy, was I peeved about that!!!!!! But, starting out great this year and early. So, should be good. Lets just hope the year gors by fasttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh, we'll see. But anyway, sorry I haven't posted in a few days. Been busy w/ cleaning and taking care of Jehn. So its been crazy busy and this week, is expected to be an even busier one!!! So if I don't post in a few'll know why. :-)
But other than that, I should be able to post a few times this week. Well, gonna go and start cleaning up a bit while Jehn's taking a nap.
Post you soon.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Trying to stay 'On Top'.

I've been trying to post everday now since Jehnna is getting a little bit older and bigger.............but she still needs me and I spend my whole days caring for her as well as taking care for the older ones....Britt and Matt. Teens...crazy, huh??! So, Dana is here trying to get back to 'normal' just a bit. LOL don't know how that'll work...but we'll see if it does. ;-)
Jehn's almost a month old. On the 19th she'll be a month. Ahhhhhhh, can't beleive it!!!!!!!! Time flies and it simply amazes me. Seems like yesterday...
Anyway, it's late here but hey, busy day and life. Jehn is sleeping and I'm hoping she sleeps well tonight. She woke up @ 3 AM this morning and then woke up again at 5 AM. Was worn out when she woke up at by the time I'm done typing this, she should still be sleeping. (I hope......) LOL
I'm going to change up the blog a little.....needs some changes.....don't ya think??!!!
Need to hurry though, I need my sleep!!!!
But stop by my blog and leave some comments once in a while, and let me know how ya like the changes. :-)
I'll post soon.....Nighty Night.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yeah, yeah, yeah....rub it in!

Alrighty, new font type. With that out the way, need to just 'vent' for a few.
Why is everyone around me seem to be ON or going on vacation???!!! NO FAIR!! lol I really wanted to go on vacation for quite a last summer, planned on going to Georgia for a week......but uh, didn't happen because I was as usual, busy! And let's see, this summer I have a new wonderful little baby girl. And I can't, just can't bring such a little baby on vacay with me........too small and besides, she won't remember ANYTHING!!!!!! Am I right??? haha!
But it would be nice just to have gotten to go to Biolxi or Gulf Coast in Mississippi.....................still deciding whether or not to spend just a weekend there before school starts. I want to, but then again, don't want Jehnna to 'not' remember anything because she was only one month!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh, help me?!
I need to rest and maybe..........I'll get over the fact that I'm probably not going on vacation this summer. Maybe that'll do.
Anyway; today was a good day. Took little Jehnna w/ me on her very first shopping trip!!!!! We headed out to Target to get some things for the house and some food. She enjoyed it...........well I thought so anyway. She was smiling and giggling..............ahhhhhhhh they're toooooo cute when they're babies. But once they hit 10-11..................changes big time!! LOL
Better enjoy it while I can. But I'm getting ready to feed her...she's getting up from a nap now.
So I need to get going.
Post you guys soon..
Have a great night.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Hi to everyone.....
Wanna post a blog since I havent had the 'time' to sit here and post. Things in life have been sooooo crazy/busy!!! I mean, getting ready for 4th of July, house cleaning (uuuuuugggggghhhh! lol), taking care of Britt, Matt, and espically one word to sum it all up: CRAZYNESS! I'm sure us ladies know how that goes. ;-)
I really wanted to bring my family on a lil' vacation this summer but, uh, that's not gonna happen!!!! Not with an almost one-month old! Maybe next summer. I go back to school on August 6th.....ahhhhhhhhh!!!! I am so not looking forward!!!!! Help?! LOL but hopefully, this school year flys by. Crossing my fingers!
Well, gonna go get Jehnna ready for a bath. She just LOVES to take them.
Have a great night.
Post soon....

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kinda late.

SOOO sorry I haven't posted in a little over a week. Been busy with Jehnna and life!!!!! LOL. But I do hope you are all doing well. Ahhh, she's growing up soo fast! It's amazing, huh?! Well just wanted to say 'hi' and that I've been soooo busy. I hope you all have a great and safe 4th of July!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tried lately...

I've been pretty tired lately with the baby and all things that I've been doing. So I am trying to take it 'easy'. LOL we'll see how far I get. But anyway, just wanted to post a picture of little Jehnna today and a picture of My friend Tracey and I yesterday at a local church. Enjoy!

I'm going to get some rest before Jehnna wakes up.

Good night all.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wow, almost a week?!?!!

I cannot get over the fact that Jehnna is FINALLY here.............ahhhhhh I don't want to look/seem conceited, but she is just beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Britt was SOOO happy to have a little sister and Matt, was happy but sorta upset because he was ME! LOL we thought it was gonna be a little boy, but we were wrong. Oh well!!! Mark was pretty happy when he found out that he was right ;-)
But while Jehnna has been home from the hospital.........I realized how fast time flies!! I mean, it's almost been a week since she was born....A WEEK already?! She seems so big already, as I look at her sleeping (next to me in her little seat/chair. The other night I couldn't help but remember when I brought Matt & Britt home from the hospital. It seems like yesterday when I held them for the first time....looked into those little eyes of theirs. Ahhh and now, they're 14 1/2 and 11. Woooow. And the thing that gets me thinking is that Britt is gonna be a senior in just three years!!!!! It's scary. My first born is almost done w/ school. :-(
Okay, okay, okay..........I'll stop. LOL But anyway, I just wanted to let you all know how I am doing. Trying to take lots of pictures so I can post whenever I get the chance. We'll keep checking the blog every now and then.
I'll post soon.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your night.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Just pictures.

Posting some pics of the baby and the baby's room. Don't have 'time' to type things.........have to feed Jehnna ( the baby ) in a few. So, here are the pics. Enjoy! :-)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The baby is here and.........

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I was shocked because I thought it was a boy. LOL but Britt was happy because now she has a little sister. Ahhhhhh, she's beautiful. Oh, and her name is Jehnna Ann. She arrived here on June 19th @ 3:50 PM. And NO section!!!!!!
But I got home today @ around 12:15 and Jehnna is sleeping. Just wanted to let you all know. Gotta go pictures whenever I feel well enough/and have time to post. Thanks for your best wishes.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Okay, last post!

Okay, well tomorrow..........I give birth to my final baby!!!!!! Ah, I am SOO excited/nervous. I mean, who's not whenever the day comes?! LOL I know I always was with Britt and Matt. And it's the same way this time around too. I am going to finish packing up all the things I need for the 'stay' in the hospital..................I'm guessing I'll need things for at least two-three days? Who knows!! But as soon as I'm done packing, gotta make sure that the camera AND camcorder are up and running and that they actually have memory cards in them, so I can post the pics so you all can see! (Don't forget, Dana) lol

On top of packing and getting things ready today; I will relax and try to enjoy the last hours w/ only two kids. Haha, yeah.......right. But they're getting ready to go swimming in our pool, so maybe I WILL get to enjoy the last hours? Ahhhhh, that'll be awesome!!!!!!!!!! They are pretty excited to get to see the baby and to know what it is. I gotta tell ya.........they have been waiting patiently for nine months!! Ha, so I'm sure they can't wait to see what it is. And guesses are still the same: Mark and Britt think it's a girl and.........well Matt and I think it's a boy. We'll see. Throw your guesses in. ;-)

I know I said that I will post pictures of the baby's room in the blog, but it's still uploading, so I'll post after I post the blog. Sorry. My computer takes so long to 'upload' things...............esp. pictures. But I will post them........I promise. LOL that's the least I can do because I won't be able to post for at least a week. Gonna be pretty busy for a while w/ the baby and with the house AND Britt & Matt. And the posts may be short for a while. Just to let you don't be surprised if the posts willlike five sentences long. Ha, maybe not that short.............but somewhere near that.

Well, I'm hoping that the baby 'lets' me deliver naturally. And w/o section. But I will try eating Mexican food (like someone advised me too, :-)) ann then, take a walk and then bath. Maybe that'll do the trick..........we'll see. I'll let ya know if it did. Crossing my fingers. LOL

I'm getting ready to finish packing and getting things ready. I promise to post the pics in a few. Hope you like them. Oh, and I'll def. let you guys know what it is when I post again. Maybe not for a week..........but I'll post soon. Promise.
Fill you all in soon.
Have a great week and enjoy today!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Getting there....

Okay...................getting 'there'. Only TWO more days and I'll have three kids. Wooooooow!!!!!!! It's gonna be crazy, but I'll live. LOL
Today's post is gonna be short due to the fact that last night was SOOOOO much fun and I am sooo tired and need to 'rest'. We had soooooooo much to eat and boy, did I eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hubby was upstairs and my 'little' group was downstairs. So it was great night. But tomorrow, I go to the doctor's for my LAST appointment!! Yay.........done with that! :-)
Then, finally...................the next day the baby arrives. Can't wait!!!!! We're all excited. So, since I won't be able to post for at least a week after the baby is here, I promise to post a LOOONG blog! LOL and if I don't, you could 'kick' or 'get' on my a**.
But anyway, like I said, I need some rest. I'll post soon and hopefully....get the baby room pics in the blog tomorrow.
Have a great day/evening.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Three Days?!?!

So, there's ONLY three days left until I give birth to my last baby!!!!!!! Ahhhh, I can't believe it!!! I am SO excited/nervous. I mean, I'm excited because I can't wait to see what the baby looks like and all that stuff and to actually KNOW what it is since we have nooooo idea yet. LOL! And nervous because I want everything to be fine and for the baby to be heathly. That's my main concern. So by Thursday, I'll know all the details. But I should arrive at the hopsital on Thursday @ around 7 AM and since I'll give birth naturally, we'll wait and see how the baby does and if needed to, I'll go ahead and have a C-Section!!! Don't want to but it's possibly. NEVER in my life had one w/ any of my kids so if I do end up having one, its gonna be new to me!!!!!!! I was in labor for Britt for 21 hours..............LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGG time!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not lying, I was sooooo upset and tried because that was sooooo long. And with Matt, I was in labor w/ him for 17 hours................STILL long. But def. not as bad. So, we'll see how this one goes. And hopefully, it goes well. ;-)

Yesterday, we finished the baby's room. FINALLY! We took a break for about a week and a half and didn't get anything done, but started back up and we actually finished it just in time. Great.............because now I don't have to worry about 'it' and be rushing to get it done. Just two days before Matt came, Mark was busy, busy, busy and didn't even get a chance to work on the room. So he had to paint and do everything in TWO days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy, right?!?! But thank God that we did get it done. But anyway, the room is looking good and I took some pictures. I'm going to post them later on tonight, so ya can see em'. Tell me what ya think.

Some of my friends are coming over tonight and we're going to watch some TV and have a 'girls' night'. We haven't had one in forever and I need one.........JUST one before I bring another child into this world. So, it should be totally fun!!!!! Britt is gonna be across the street @ her friend's house and Matt is gonna be w/ his other friend, who also lives in the same estate, but another street. so at least they will be close by. And Mark will be hanging out with friends of his they will be having a 'guys' night'. Hahahahaha! So yeah, it will be fun.

Well, I have to go start cooking for tonight and see what exactly I will wear. Nothing too fancy, but something nice. Any ideas?????!! LOL I hope you all have a great day. I'll post soon.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there!!!!!! And btw, HFD means 'Happy Fathers Day'. LOL and I metion that because of the fact that many readers have no idea what intials mean. So that's to help THEM out...............Lol. But anyway I hope you all have a wonderful day with your 'hubbies' and fathers. First this message is to my husband (who actually reads my blog, ha!): Mark,
Thanks SOOOOO much for being an amazing husband and father!!!!!!!!!!! You have NO idea how much I love you and appreciate all the things you do for Britt and Matt, as well as me!! You are truly the best father (in my eyes) and husband!!!!!! I have no idea what I would ever do without you. I know Britt and Matt love you just as much as I do..................................and we're going to prove to you today. I love you with all my heart, Hon!

And this is to all the fathers out there: I hope you all have a fantastic day with your families. Oh, and to my father:
Words can't even begin to describe how much I am thankful to have a dad like you!!!!!!!!!! As a child, you were ALWAYS understanding and you still are to this day. Even now I still think you are 'the world's greatest daddy'. Mom always told me that she loved you so much and that you always told her how much you loved my sister and brother and me!!!!! And daddy: I LOVE YOU so much! You are such an inspiration to all of us. I'm SO proud to be given a dad such like yourself!!!

Okay, I'll stop with the letters now. LOL but the one I just wrote to my dad was written in the card that I gave him today. We just got back from going out to eat w/ my family and Mark's family. And when my dad opened the card, he was tearing up. I knew at that point, he loved the card. That honsetly made my day!!!!! But anyway, I'm home now and Mark is resting and Britt and I made him a cake and we'll eat that later on tonight and we'll watch one of his favorite movies. So, tonight is his night!!!!

Well, I sure hope you all had a great day. I'll post you all soon.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Hey to everyone............
Well, as one of my blog readers has said, I'm 'nesting' or 'resting' this weekend. ;-) Oh, and you know who you are!!!!!! But yeah, I've had a pretty hectic week and am trying to relax this weekend. This is actually my LAST weekend before the baby comes!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm getting there. I'm due on the 19th, which is Thursday! So, getting everything ready for the 'hospital stay'. And on top of that...............getting the baby's room ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have everything pretty much done, but later at around 4, I'll try to finish up w/ Mark. We should be done least I hope so. Hahaha! But we should be!

So, as I have been 'resting' today I have been watching some TV. Okay and I have to admit, I normally DON'T watch MTV because I'm older and think it's retarted and crazy but I LOVE watching 'The Real World: Hollywood'. Ha, I think it's fun to watch and actually enjoy it!!!!! Call me crazy but I like it. That's the ONLY show I watch on it lol. Britt actually got me into it. She watches most of the shows on MTV. But if you do happen to watch it...............what ya think about it?! Let me know........I'm curious ;-)

But I am going to rest some more. I have to. LOL but I hope you all have a great day and enjoy your day!!!!! And I'll post you soon.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Crazy Busy!!!!

Wow, I'm soooo sorry that I haven't posted in two days!!!!!!!! I have been really busy and haven't had the chance to actually sit down and write (or post) a blog........................Wednesday I had to help one of my friends clean and pack up her house since she is remodling!!!! I really shouldn't be moving and bending down because I'm almost due..............literally ALMOST!!!!!! Six days away!!!!!! But I wanted to help her out since she is always helping me. That's what friends are for. ;-) And yesterday I was visiting with an old friend of mine that I haven't see in a while!!!! We went out to eat and then to the movies. Saw 'Sex and the City'. LOL can I just say................................crazy movie???!! But it was good. I enjoyed watching it!!

Well, for today: Getting the 'guest' room finished for the baby. Almost there.................we will probably be done on Sunday!!!!!!! Well, at least I'm hoping! Then later on, Mark is going to pick up his parents and then my parents will come. We're going to have a 'family dinner'. He's going to BBQ and I'll make some salad. It should be nice since we haven't really seen our parents since Easter.....................or Mother's Day actually. But it's going to be great!! Anyway, need to make sure that I have everything for tonight. Britt and Matt are actually with my sister's kids at a local water park today!!!!!! Won't be home until around 7. Just in time to eat. So have to tell Mark to make sure he makes plenty because the kids are going to be here and who knows........................maybe my sister as well. LOL

Anyway, I have to get going. Getting ready to do the room now!!!! Post you soon.......promise.
Have a great day and an even better weekend.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New again...

Now, I changed my text font and color. LOL I know, I was kinda getting tired of the other one!!!!! I think it looks better than the other one I right????!!! Do YOU like it?? Wanna make sure ya do as well. ;-)

Well, today I'm going to go outside in a few minutes to go and 'plant' some new plants I picked up the other day at Wal-mart. I really shouldn't be outside and kneeling because I'm almost due. But I guess it won't least I hope so LOL. Mark is gonna get off of work early, and will cook dinner for us. Which is great because I'm always doing the cooking and it's nice to finally have a day of non-cooking. But anyway, Britt's two friends are still here.............................and will be until tomorrow morning. They are actually GOOOOOOOD kids, I'm suprised. Hahaha, I'm kidding. Britt and Matt actually are going to go with my sister and her kids to a water park on Friday, so I'll have the day to myself...............................and then they'll be back around 9 that night. Maybe Mark and I will have 'some' free time???!!! ;-P.
I hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need it before the baby 9 more days!! We're getting there.........down to the single diggits now.

Well, gonna go get ready to plant. Hopefully this baby will let me move around and actually plant!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
I'll post soon.
Have a great day/evening.

Monday, June 9, 2008

10 days and counting...

It's getting closer............10 days and counting til I have my thrid and final baby!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I can totally NOT wait!!!!! Been waiting for nine whole months.....................................loooooooooong enough, right??!! It's too long for me!!! I just am really excited. I was ALWAYS like this for Britt & Matt...........LOL couldn't wait for them. Especially Britt because she was my 'first' baby!!!!! And with Matt, I couldn't wait either because I wanted to see what he looked like and all of that stuff. But I can wait 10 more days for this new little 'joy'!!! And we're anxious to know if it's a boy/or girl................Britt thinks it's a boy and so does Mark. Matt, on the other hand, thinks it's a girl. Me???? I'm gonna have to go with Matt............a girl. But who knows???? Could be a boy too! We'll have to wait and see. ;-)
But I don't want to rish things since it is my last baby.........time flies by SOOOOOOO fast and you can't get it back. I remember when Britt was first learning to talk and walk.............and when Matt was first trying to play sports LOL......should have seen that!!!!!! Ahhhh, I miss those days. They grown up sooo fast. Anyway, better enjoy the time now.
Anyway, I'm going to lay down now. Getting tired.
I'll post you all later.
Good night!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend almost over...

The weekend is almost always!!!!
But today was a good/fun day for us! Went to one of my friend's b-day party. I had a good weren't there because of the drinks that were being given out. So it was nice having just 'us' adults there. LOL
But of course since I'm pregnant, couldn't have any drinks. Oh well, I'll live. Mark had only two drinks.........the party started around 2:30 and ended at around 5:00. Seen many, many friends that I haven't seen in a LOONGGG time!!!!!!! That was nice being able to see them.

Anyway, besides that happening today.......the kids were at home being watched by my mother. Boy, were they mad that they couldn't stay home ALONE!!!! I mean, god knows what they would do if they were. Not saying they are bad just never know!!!!!!!! But mom left when we returned home. Now.......I have five kids at my house. No notice or nothing. Great, huh???!!!! Matt has 1 friend over and Britt has 2 friends over!! Wonderful!!!!!!!! I have no problem with it but I could have gotten a notice. Don't ya think??!

Well, I'm going to lay down. Had a fun day but I am worn out!!!! Going to read the newspaper and watch some TV. Sound fun??? Maybe not, but it'll do for me!!!!!! Post you soon.
Have a great night and here's to a great week ahead. ;-)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Some funnies!

The movie that I was watching, just got over with and I couldn't get to sleep, so I googled some 'funnies'. LOL I LOVE reading the funnies. They're tooooooooo funny I thought that maybe you all would like to see some of them. I'll post the ones that I came across of. :-)

And the ones I post are some of my faves!!!!!!!! Tell me what ya think.

Haha, the first one I posted (sorry they all get messed up!!!!) was the one that read 'Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be a total bitch just like you.' LOL.........had me laughing!!!!! And the rest are some that I enjoy.

But anyway, hope you enjoy...........Mark is moving in his always and has his foot 'up' my butt. LOL so I'm gonna go now.


Great, great, great!!!

Let me start off my saying........................
Brittney did such an AMAZING job tonight!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just SOOOOOOO happy and proud of her!! She did her tap first, then ballet and finally, jazz! Got to take tons of pictures........and will try later on (maybe tomorrow?) to post them onto here so ya can see. But like I said, don't count on me LOL!!!! But I'll try......I'll give ya that much ;-).
Okay and even though I took MANYYYYY pictures, there were still those damn 'blurry' ones.....................oh well!! But I am happy to say that Mark actually took some great, clear videos. Ahhh, it works for him and NOT for ME??!!! Psssssh, okay. Hahahaha, just kidding.
But yeah, Britt looked so good and did so well. Words can't even say how proud I am of her...........
It actually ended at around 6:20 and we got out at around 6:35. Then, we headed to eat at AppleBee's. She wanted to eat there, so there it was. Actually thought the food was great!!!
Anyway, I'm in bed right now, watching me some TV. Hubby is sleeping.........he was worn out.......he had his arms up the whole time because he was filming and his arms were killing him LMAO! But he needs his rest so I'm not gonna wake him up.
Tomorrow, we're going to a friend's birthday party.......her real birthday was last Saturday but she didn't get a chance to celebrate so we're doing that tomorrow!!!!! NO kids allowed.....................because of the fact that there beer and wine being given out. Too bad I'm pregnant.....can't have any of that. LOL
Well, I'm missing most of the movie, so I'll post you later.
Hope you had a great night.

Revue time!!!!!

A big 'hi' to everyone who reads my blog!!!! And if you have been keeping 'up' with me, Britt's dance revue is today, in about two hours. She's getting ready right now, and we'll leave in about an hour........have to be there at 3:15 and revue is @ 4 sharp. Crazy and it's a 20 minute drive, so gotta move FAST!!!!!!! LOL!!
Anyway, she's in three numbers........jazz, tap, and ballet!!! I have my camera all set and Mark has the video camera ready..........he does all the video taping Ha, I can't fool with all of that!! Already have my hands busy on the camera AND trying to make sure the pictures come out okay. Uuuuuuugh, that's a job!!!! Last year, the pictures were blurry. I took about 65 pictures and only 25 were clear, good pictures. So I gotta make sure it gets 'clear' this time!!! LOl.
Sorry about rambling on.........
The revue should be over @ 6:45 and then, we'll go out to eat. Don't know where yet, have to let Britt decide......JOY!! Nah, just kidding.....she actually picks good places to go eat ;-)
But I'll 'try' to post some pictures of the revue and Britt..........I said 'try' so don't count on it LOL.
Have a great night and I'll post later.
Might get on later.
PYS. 'Post you Soon'

Friday, June 6, 2008

It's Friday......again!

It's the weekend.......again!!! LOL and I say 'again' because last weekend we had the house to ourselves and Britt and Matt weren't home, but this weekend they are home to stay!
Ahhhh, oh well. To be honest, I kinda did miss them last weekend :P.
Anyway, we have to go to Britt's dance revue on Saturday (tomorrow, actually) and that's for 4. That's on Saturday and Sunday, birthday party to go to for a friend of mine. So it should be a great weekend.........almost as 'nice' as last weekend ;-).
Sorry I wasn't able to post a new blog on Wednesday night like I said I would, but the boys were so busy swimming and having fun, that I was just paying attention to them and by the time I got home, I was worn OUT!!!!!! LOL
I did actually bring my laptop to the I always seem to forget it......but the time when I do, I don't use it....ashame, huh???!!
And yesterday, had a doctor's appointment and then went out to eat with 'hubby'. It was nice!!!!!! And great news, the baby is doing FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah, I was so relieved. One more appointment w/ doc and then it's time for my final delivery........exciting!! And yeah, this is the last baby. Getting too old for any more LOL.
Well, I hope you all are having a great day.......I'm going to sit outside with Mark and we're making some lemonade...yummy!
Post you guys later!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hump Day....

It's Wednesday.......also known as 'Hump Day'. LOL and if ya don't know what that means.......go look it up!!!!!!
But if you're really smart, you'll know what it means. ;-)
Today I actually went shopping with Brittney and went out to Wal-mart to buy some things for the house that needed......ex: shampoo, body wash, FOOD, etc. I gotta tell ya, we are always running low on food and I think that's cause my kids don't know when to stop eating hahahaha. I tell them to slow down on the food but guess they don't know how.
My husband is another one...........................LOVES to eat and I think that's where they get the eating from, don't ya agree??!!!

So, tomorrow I go and check up on the baby. Mark is actually taking off of work so he can go with me! I am excited because he hasn't gone in awhile with me. So, can't wait!!!!!! Hoping everything is going to be fine, which I'm sure it is but you never know. Wish us luck..........only 15 more days of being 'pregnant'.

Well, tonight I'm going to take Matthew and his friend to the movies and then swimming.....I know, I know. You're probably thinking, 'Swimming, after movies????' Yeah, they love swimming at night. It's crazy. LOL and Brittney is inviting her two friends over to sleep, so it's going to be a crazy, wild night!!!! Can I just say 'HELP??!!' Ha!
Gonna go get ready to bring the boys. I'll post you all whenever I get the chance..........might be able to get online to tonight and post of things. We'll see.
Have a wonderful evening/night.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


It's Tuesday already?! The week is totally FLYING by!!!!!!

Man, I don't even want to think how fast the summer is!! But I don't have to go back til August 6th, so that's good. I gotta enjoy every minute of it!!! Britt and Matt don't go back til the 14th, I think. LOL

I have been cleaning my house the WHOLE day.........its nice to say that the house looks really good and neat!!! Not gonna stay like that for too long, the kids are gonna tear it up and I'll be back to cleaning it tomorrow haha. Oh well, that goes with having kids. I'll post a picture of my house at the end of the post, so ya can see what it loks like. Its pretty big and usually takes about 2-3 hours to clean............that's counting the upstaris as well. But anyway, I'll quit taking about my house.

I'm getting ready to go cook dinner. And hopefully, it turns out better than last night........I burnt some chicken nuggets. LOL don't ask, looong story! But glad to say that the rice came out great actually!!!

Well, I'll go now. And going to post the picture now!

Enjoy and have a great evening.

Post later..

Monday, June 2, 2008

Britt & Matt

Okay........I know, I know. You're probably wondering what in the world am I doing up this late but I just couldn't go to sleep so I decided to post a few pictures of my 'babies'.

Even though they may not like it when I say it, but they are very much still my babies. LOL

I'll start from the oldest.........this is Brittney:

First one of her is in her room w/ her boyfriend LOL.......okay I needed to let him come to the house at least once. And trust me, they did NOTHING wrong. ;-)

Second one if outside the house.

And the last one.......was taken last year before the revue.

Now........on to Matthew:

First one is of him.....playing soccer.

Second one of him is sitting down LOL.....crazy.
Lol, I need to find some more pictures Matt, but can't find any. I'll have to upload them. Anyway, NOW I'm getting tired. I'll post you guys tomorrow....or today actually.
Hope you get a good rest!

Monday already?!

I can't believe it's Monday already!!!!
Wow. I had a GREAT & RELAXING weekend with Mark because the kids were away for the weekend. So when I woke up yesterday morning, I turned over to Mark and was like, " Ahhh, it's already Sunday, which means only a few hours before the kids come home". LOL!!!!!!! So, in the little time we had left with each other, we went to the park and I actually WALKED! Ever since I found out that I was having a baby, I didn't want to way. But yesterday, I did for some reason........but that was good. ;-) Anyway, we walked for about 20 minutes and then went out for 'brunch'. Went to iHOP and had a nice time along with some great food. I just love breakfast food!! But by the time we returned back home, it was around 2 PM and Matthew's little friends called and said that they won't be home til around 5. Boy, if I would have known that then Mark and I could have done some other things.......but we decided to lay in bed and watch TV. Britt didn't get home til about 7:30 and poor thing was tired when she walked into the door.......went straight to her room. I walked into her room at about 8:45 and she was alseep. Woooooow.....I never would think she would go to bed that early on a summer night!!!! But she was really tired. Matt, on the other hand......didn't go to bed until 11:45. Crazy child I tell ya! Lol.

Anyway, have lots of things going on this week:
Doctors on Thursday to check up on the 'new' baby. Ahhhhh, almost there!!!!! I can't wait.....this is exciting.
Matt has this 'sports camp' this whole week.....he likes sports so we had signed him up for it, which gives him something to do.
This whole week I have to run errands and clean the whole house....uuugh hahaha.
And Britt's dance revue. She's excited.....can't wait to see how she does!

Well, gotta run. I hope you all had a great Monday.
Post you all tomorrow.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lovin' today!!

Saturday Greetings to everyone.....
If you haven't noticed, I'm starting to change the font type and well as the color of the text. Needed to change rather than just the plain, old boring BLACK text. LOL!!!!!! So from now on, each day will be a different color. Cool, right?!! Maybe not, but okay.

Had a WONDERFUL day with the hubby. Went to eat and are now home about to watch some movies! This morning, Mark cooked me breakfast in bed..............which was SO sweet!!!!! If you haven't read my other post, the kids are away for the weekend so Mark and I got the weekend alone....which was great on our half. But anyway, we ate at a pasta place and boy was it good!!!!! I LOVE pasta......give me that and I'll love you. lol
Mark is taking a shower right now, so I just decided to post a blog since I didn't get the chance to do it this morning. Forgive me.........been 'enjoying the moment' with Mark. He is such a wonderful him to death!!!!! Anyway, we gonna watch about three movies we rented. Hope they are good.
Crossing my fingers.....LOL
Well, think he's getting out the shower now.
Post you all later.
Good night and sweet dreams!

Friday, May 30, 2008


Hi to everyone!!
So, it's FRIDAY!!!!!! Normally, I would be more than excited because when it's Friday during the school year, I am SOOOOO happy. LOL but I am still happy it's Friday. Get to spend some time w/ hubby cuz he's off of work. Ever since we had kids..........we never really have any time to ourselves. But this weekend, my daughter is going to a friend's house & my son is going with his friends mudriding.....I don't get how he loves to do that. Too dirty for me! Hahaha, but anyway Mark (my hubby) and I will be going out to dinner on Saturday (tomorrow) and then come back home to watch some movies. So, it's gonna be a calm night and boy, am I excited!!! NO KIDS to bother us, but I know its gonna go by fast lol.

Sorry about not 'posting' in a few days...been really busy. But know that I will keep posting on here ;-)
Brittney has found herself a boyfriend (YIKESSSS!) and even though he seems nice, I don't want them doing anything in kissing, or having intimate moments. LOL I am over-protected with things like this. But I know Brittney won't do anything wrong, or at least I hope so. Anyway, we'll see what happens.
About to go take a walk with Mark........the kids will be leaving @ 4, so we have just a little more time with them.
Talk to you soon or as some of you may say 'Post later'.
Have a GREAT weekend!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekend is here....

Wow, so the weekend is finally here and school is out for the summer!!!!! Let me tell you, I am so happy. Feels like it took FOREVER to get here........LOL but I am really happy that its here. Had a 'retirement' party for one of the thrid grade teachers that is retiring, on Friday! It was nice...but if I get the chance to do so, I'll post some pictures.

So sorry about not being able to 'post' a new blog in the last few days!!!! I have been busy w/ getting out the students' grades and report cards and getting all my stuff in my classroom packed I will be moving to another classroom two doors down. So, it's gonna be an adjustment. My daughter has her dance revue coming up, on June 7th @ 4:00, at a local theatre. It should be really nice. And I've also been busy getting things ready for the new baby........went to the doctor on Monday and everything was fine!!!!!!!!! What a relief! We are still looking forward to June 19th, when the baby comes. Ahhhhhhh, we can't wait. And some people have asked me if it's a boy or girl and truth is....we don't know yet. So, it's gonna be a surprise. :-)

Anyway, we have to go to our son's last baseball today. He can't wait for it to be over, he says he needs a break. Which, I can't really blame him.........he had 13 games this season. My husband has been practing with him these last few weeks, so we'll see. But I have to head out now, talk to you all soon!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Sunday Greetings to all!!!

Can you believe the weekend is almost over???!! Ugggh, I can't!! School tomorrow.......but I can't really complain because there's only five more days left in the school year, so it's alright.
And the students leave us on Wednesday, as that is their last day. But of course, the teachers just have to stay LONGER. LOL!!!!

I'm still trying to post the pics of Brittney's friend's dance revue....but having a slight problem w/ doing so. Trying to get that done now.. Don't know what the problem is! I can see why my sister gets annoyed w/ all of this computer stuff. As she would say, "I'm done with computers. Fuck this"!!!!! LMAO. She is crazy...but trust me, I'm so not like her ;-)
Tomorrow we go to check up on the 'bun in the oven'. It's after school, so at least I'm not missing teaching or anything. I'm hoping that the baby is doing okay, but I'm sure it is. It kicks the heck out of me at night...but all in all, this was a good pregnancy. But I can't wait til June 19th.....when the baby is due. I can't wait to see what he or she looks like. My son can't wait either....the daughter is kinda not 'too excited'. And the husband.....more than excited. Haha, so we'll see.
Talk to guys soon!

~ Dana

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yay.....the weekend!!!!

Hi guys!!

So, it's the weekend and can I metion how much I LOVE the weekends?! Haha, they are awesome. No getting up to go to school early and getting the kids off to school. Boy, frankly, 2 days is not enough for me. But summer is almost here....3 days left of school and I'm done!!!!!!!! LOL, well nevermind, the teachers have 5 more days. It really stinks having to stay two more days to do 'teacher' stuff. Hello, I'm pregnant and am due next month............can't be moving too much. Anyway, I'll live.

Today was great!!! My daughter's friend had her dance review and really did a great job. I'll show you guys some pics soon. My daughter (Brittney) dances as well. but at a different place and has been dancing for 13 years.......she loves it. Her review is actually coming up soon. Can't wait.....she is in four dances. 1 solo, 1 jazz dance, 1 ballet, and 1 tap. It's a job having to keep up w/ all of this. But she loves it, so what can I say? LOL ;-)
Anyway, I'm tired and need a rest. Catch you guys later!!!