Thursday, August 21, 2008

Can you say 'Busy'?!

Hmmm.........what's the word that I can use for my week..........oh, yeah, BUSY!!!!!!!!!! Wow, between getting tests ready, study guides, and meetings.....its been waaaaay crazy! And on top of everything, taking care of Jehn. Poor thing, she's been sick with a little cold. :-(
Mark took her to the doctor yesterday and everything went well with that. Was surprised that the doctor didn't give her a shot. Thought she was needed for one, but guess not. Oh well. She wouldn't have liked that anyway LOL. But who knows, she might take it well. Wasn't with her when they gave her first shots in the hospital, so I have NO idea! From what I've heard, she hasn't really enjoyed it. But what baby doesn't?! Anyway, just hoping that she gets well soon. Really hate to leave her home while she's not well. It breaks my heart.
Other than that, been helping Matt with some of his homework. He's been going 'crazy' because he's doing something in his math class that he doesn't enjoy, nor like. But me, a teacher, will be helping him! Now see, that's one good thing about having a mom that's a techer.............they can help you and help you understand. Right?! But on the other hand, they don't really like having a mom as a teacher. LOL oh well, they'll get over it. But it's also great because sometimes students need a tutor, and well, since I'm a teacher, my kids don't need it. So, there's lots of 'pro's and con's'. Some good, some not-so-good. Ha ha!
Anyway, I am planning on starting to re-do my garden this weekend. OMGosh, don't even wanna start on saying how bad it looks right now. This summer I haven't really been able to 'work' on it because of me having a baby and just been way too busy. So I just put if off. But Saturday, I'm going to work on that. Mom might come over to help........which she LOVES gardening, so that will work out good. And it'll be good to spend some time w/ her.
Let's just say, Britt probably won't want to do it with us. Ha, she seems to think she's too cool. Yeah, okay Britt.......LOL
Well I need to get my things all together for tomorrow. Guess what?!!! FRIDAY TOMORROW!!!! Yay!! Can't wait.
LOL Have a great night and a wonderful Friday!
Post you all soon.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

So far, so good..

Okay, so as you all know, the students here started Tuesday! They all walked into the class, gave me the suppiles that needed to be turned 'in', and were actually a REALLY good class!!!! I mean, it's seriously awesome! Last year, had a class with 19 kids.....and most of them were good students. But ya know, you're gonna have them bad ones. LOL and I happened to have at least FIVE of them.......too much, right??! I can handle at least 2-3. But five?! I don't how I did it, but I did! Thankfully!!!!! Anyway, have 4 students that I had last year with me again. And out of those four, only 1 bad one! Boy, did that turn out good. And I know I may be sounding like a mean teacher, but honsetly, it's a lot to deal with the 'bad' students.....especially five, like I had last school year. And the new students, are good students. Well, okay, right now they are anyway. Have to wait and see about next week.............they might be fooling me right now. Hope they're not, this happens a few years. But hey, maybe this year will be a blessing!!!! LOL well, I can wish, right?!
Britt and Matt started on Tuesday as well. Okay, now this is odd, Britt LOVES school, and Matt, well he doesn't like it. But now, he loves it. Must be because his new teachers. He likes them...very nice he says. Yeah, well.....wait just a little into the year and he'll be wishing it was summer again. Ha ha! He changes his mind.....a lot!
Jehnna is doing well.....went to Mark's mom today. Ahhhhh, Mandy is so sweet. (That is Mark's mom, BTW). She made sure to do everything I told her to do with Jehn. AND some more that she didn't have to do. And she doesn't want to be paid, but I WILL pay her. No doubt about it. She's like my 2nd mom........soooo sweet. So, I'm glad Mark has a great mother like her.
And she LOVES babysitting, so that's good.
I'm trying to deal with things around the cleaning. We just finished eating dinner and now, have to clean 'up' our messses. Oh what joy? LOL Maybe I should hire a wait, toooo much money. Oh forget it....probably wouldn't like their way of cleaning anyway.
Anyway, gotta go and gets things together for tomorrow. TGIF!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!! See???? I told ya I was happy for Fridays during school years. Ha!
Have a great night and I'll post soon/later.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Now, it REALLY starts...

I can't believe the weekend is, where did it go??!! That means, school tomorrow and all week! Lovely!!!! And students start on Tuesday, the 12th. That means school 'really' starts. LOL I say that because now I'll be busy AND teaching! No more getting ready and setting up the classroom. God help me now, just kidding! I'm sure I'll be fine! ;-) If I get the chance to post on Tuesday, I'll let ya know how it goes.
Britt is ready for school, mainly because she's happy that she's on the dance team this year and gets to do exciting things!!!! I'm really happy for her, she LOVES dancing! Now, Matt on the other hand, isn't. I mean, he likes school, but not enough to go back. Haha! Crazy kid, I tell ya!
Really pushing for them to do well this year. Matt is a very bright student and makes good grades.....but when the last half of the school year gets here....he slacks down/off. I know many students who do that too........well, because I am a teacher!!! LOL! Britt does well, but gets too many C's. Needs to put those C's up to B's. But as long as each of them don't get D's and F's, I'm alright.
Just have to wait and see how Jehnna does...........hopefully, well.
I need to get ready for this week and get things together for Jehn. She's going to my moms tomorrow. Hey, she's been doing good with babysitters, so thats a good thing, right??!
Okay, I needa go. I'll post you soon.
Have a peaceful night and a great week!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

'Back to School'!

I'm back to being inside a classroom, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day!!! Arrrrggggg!!!!! Summer just 'FLEW' by....literally! Started back yesterday, and gonna admit it was a good day. Thankfully..LOL But I'm going to have to wait and see just have 'peaceful' it is gonna be when the students start on Tuesday (August 12th)! Kinda excited to see how my students are, and if any was in my class last year. Because I was teaching thrid grade last year, and this year they moved me 'up' a grade level. So, gonna be with some of my lil' ones that I had last year. And most of them were good.........MOST. Ha ha! There was a couple of those bad ones too. Maybe I'll be blessed and won't have the bad ones I had last year with me again.....only kidding! ;-)
Won't mind to have them again, they were good students.
Okay, I'm done with getting things for Britt and Matt. YAY!!!! Finished everything on Tuesday. Last year, didn't finish until a DAY before school started for them......that was crazy! But this year, was done early. So, that was awesome!!
And Jehnna's doing well.....growing too fast! She started seeing my mom on Wednesday, because now since school started my mom and Mark's mom will be watching her.
Mom said she's doing well......great! Now, lets see how she'll be doing in about 2 weeks. LOL
Well, getting late and I need to get ready for bed.
I'll post you soon or whenever I get the chance.
Have a great night!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Almost that time.....

Alright, its almost time for school, well for me anyway! UGGGHHHHH, I'm so NOT excited/thrilled about it. Can't ya tell?!?! LOL. I was, actually, going to start in mid-September. Due to the fact I gave birth just a little over a month ago. But things changed.......was really upset about it. But I'm happy I got 'some' time with Jehn. Can't believe she is getting soooo big already. :-( Time flies TOO fast, so I'm just trying to enjoy every little moment!!! Oh, and especially with my oldest, Britt, going into 10th. And Matt, going to 8th. Getting sooo big, as well. It simply amazes me!!!!
Well, on the other hand, I finished getting school supplies this past Saturday. Done with that. YAY!!!!!! LOL OMGosh, is it just me or is school supplys too expensive??? Like, I'm serious......walked into Wal-Mart and a pack of glue sticks were $3.00............and those just had 2 in the darn pack. Waaaaaay expensive! Right?! Tonight I'm going to get some shoes and new socks for Britt & Matt. Then, I'll be done with everything. Oh, and tomorrow....getting the 'last' thing for them, that being some new jeans and pants. Whew, then I'm finally done!!! And then Wednesday, school starts for me!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Arrrrgggggg. But oh well, we'll see how the year starts off. :-)
And hopefully, the year just flies by.........okay, maybe it will, maybe it won't?! Ha ha! But at least I'M hoping it does.
Anyway, I'll post you soon. Have to get some things done around the house.
Fun, right????
Have a great day and evening!