Monday, August 4, 2008

Almost that time.....

Alright, its almost time for school, well for me anyway! UGGGHHHHH, I'm so NOT excited/thrilled about it. Can't ya tell?!?! LOL. I was, actually, going to start in mid-September. Due to the fact I gave birth just a little over a month ago. But things changed.......was really upset about it. But I'm happy I got 'some' time with Jehn. Can't believe she is getting soooo big already. :-( Time flies TOO fast, so I'm just trying to enjoy every little moment!!! Oh, and especially with my oldest, Britt, going into 10th. And Matt, going to 8th. Getting sooo big, as well. It simply amazes me!!!!
Well, on the other hand, I finished getting school supplies this past Saturday. Done with that. YAY!!!!!! LOL OMGosh, is it just me or is school supplys too expensive??? Like, I'm serious......walked into Wal-Mart and a pack of glue sticks were $3.00............and those just had 2 in the darn pack. Waaaaaay expensive! Right?! Tonight I'm going to get some shoes and new socks for Britt & Matt. Then, I'll be done with everything. Oh, and tomorrow....getting the 'last' thing for them, that being some new jeans and pants. Whew, then I'm finally done!!! And then Wednesday, school starts for me!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Arrrrgggggg. But oh well, we'll see how the year starts off. :-)
And hopefully, the year just flies by.........okay, maybe it will, maybe it won't?! Ha ha! But at least I'M hoping it does.
Anyway, I'll post you soon. Have to get some things done around the house.
Fun, right????
Have a great day and evening!

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Veronica said...

Gotta say, hit WM and Dollar Tree. Think I only spent $50 on school supplies. Now, once school starts, you teachers always have your own "agenda!" LOL So, can't wait to get THAT list! hee hee. My kids start the 13th!! Can't wait.