Thursday, August 7, 2008

'Back to School'!

I'm back to being inside a classroom, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day!!! Arrrrggggg!!!!! Summer just 'FLEW' by....literally! Started back yesterday, and gonna admit it was a good day. Thankfully..LOL But I'm going to have to wait and see just have 'peaceful' it is gonna be when the students start on Tuesday (August 12th)! Kinda excited to see how my students are, and if any was in my class last year. Because I was teaching thrid grade last year, and this year they moved me 'up' a grade level. So, gonna be with some of my lil' ones that I had last year. And most of them were good.........MOST. Ha ha! There was a couple of those bad ones too. Maybe I'll be blessed and won't have the bad ones I had last year with me again.....only kidding! ;-)
Won't mind to have them again, they were good students.
Okay, I'm done with getting things for Britt and Matt. YAY!!!! Finished everything on Tuesday. Last year, didn't finish until a DAY before school started for them......that was crazy! But this year, was done early. So, that was awesome!!
And Jehnna's doing well.....growing too fast! She started seeing my mom on Wednesday, because now since school started my mom and Mark's mom will be watching her.
Mom said she's doing well......great! Now, lets see how she'll be doing in about 2 weeks. LOL
Well, getting late and I need to get ready for bed.
I'll post you soon or whenever I get the chance.
Have a great night!

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Veronica said...

Hey girl! Yah, teachers start here on Monday, school starts Wednesday for the kids! If you lived by me, I'd keep Jehnna for ya. She'd be the only infant I'd keep!! I'll have 2 1 yr olds and 2 2 yr.olds! I'm not taking any new kids. Downsizing so I can quit completely, by end of school yr, beginning of summer! Cheer up, weekend is here!!