Sunday, August 10, 2008

Now, it REALLY starts...

I can't believe the weekend is, where did it go??!! That means, school tomorrow and all week! Lovely!!!! And students start on Tuesday, the 12th. That means school 'really' starts. LOL I say that because now I'll be busy AND teaching! No more getting ready and setting up the classroom. God help me now, just kidding! I'm sure I'll be fine! ;-) If I get the chance to post on Tuesday, I'll let ya know how it goes.
Britt is ready for school, mainly because she's happy that she's on the dance team this year and gets to do exciting things!!!! I'm really happy for her, she LOVES dancing! Now, Matt on the other hand, isn't. I mean, he likes school, but not enough to go back. Haha! Crazy kid, I tell ya!
Really pushing for them to do well this year. Matt is a very bright student and makes good grades.....but when the last half of the school year gets here....he slacks down/off. I know many students who do that too........well, because I am a teacher!!! LOL! Britt does well, but gets too many C's. Needs to put those C's up to B's. But as long as each of them don't get D's and F's, I'm alright.
Just have to wait and see how Jehnna does...........hopefully, well.
I need to get ready for this week and get things together for Jehn. She's going to my moms tomorrow. Hey, she's been doing good with babysitters, so thats a good thing, right??!
Okay, I needa go. I'll post you soon.
Have a peaceful night and a great week!


Veronica said...

I hear ya! I'm actually anticipating the start of school. I NEED that routine back! Em didn't make the dance team :( but, she'll try again! We're all set and ready to go. Was at son's school yesterday, meeting teachers, getting schedule, placing supplies in lockers! That's the best thing my son likes, the lockers. 1st yr with them! TTYL

Veronica said...

scrappin is a "stress" reliever for me, usually! You ought to start one for Jehnna! Something simple. I'm sure Britt would love to help.
My son seemed to like it okay. We'll see by the end of the week. I'll post a pic of my "cooked" dinner on my blog after my Volleyball game AND if it tasted okay! LOL