Thursday, August 14, 2008

So far, so good..

Okay, so as you all know, the students here started Tuesday! They all walked into the class, gave me the suppiles that needed to be turned 'in', and were actually a REALLY good class!!!! I mean, it's seriously awesome! Last year, had a class with 19 kids.....and most of them were good students. But ya know, you're gonna have them bad ones. LOL and I happened to have at least FIVE of them.......too much, right??! I can handle at least 2-3. But five?! I don't how I did it, but I did! Thankfully!!!!! Anyway, have 4 students that I had last year with me again. And out of those four, only 1 bad one! Boy, did that turn out good. And I know I may be sounding like a mean teacher, but honsetly, it's a lot to deal with the 'bad' students.....especially five, like I had last school year. And the new students, are good students. Well, okay, right now they are anyway. Have to wait and see about next week.............they might be fooling me right now. Hope they're not, this happens a few years. But hey, maybe this year will be a blessing!!!! LOL well, I can wish, right?!
Britt and Matt started on Tuesday as well. Okay, now this is odd, Britt LOVES school, and Matt, well he doesn't like it. But now, he loves it. Must be because his new teachers. He likes them...very nice he says. Yeah, well.....wait just a little into the year and he'll be wishing it was summer again. Ha ha! He changes his mind.....a lot!
Jehnna is doing well.....went to Mark's mom today. Ahhhhh, Mandy is so sweet. (That is Mark's mom, BTW). She made sure to do everything I told her to do with Jehn. AND some more that she didn't have to do. And she doesn't want to be paid, but I WILL pay her. No doubt about it. She's like my 2nd mom........soooo sweet. So, I'm glad Mark has a great mother like her.
And she LOVES babysitting, so that's good.
I'm trying to deal with things around the cleaning. We just finished eating dinner and now, have to clean 'up' our messses. Oh what joy? LOL Maybe I should hire a wait, toooo much money. Oh forget it....probably wouldn't like their way of cleaning anyway.
Anyway, gotta go and gets things together for tomorrow. TGIF!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!! See???? I told ya I was happy for Fridays during school years. Ha!
Have a great night and I'll post soon/later.

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Veronica said...

Girl, I'm glad your class is ok so far. I'll pray for ya!
I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. I don't like school starting in the middle of the week. Messes me up. I'll be glad to start the week right.
Catch up w/ya later. Been working on "tweaking" my blog. It's not been fun. Come on over and take a look when you can. ;-)