Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Sunday Greetings to all!!!

Can you believe the weekend is almost over???!! Ugggh, I can't!! School tomorrow.......but I can't really complain because there's only five more days left in the school year, so it's alright.
And the students leave us on Wednesday, as that is their last day. But of course, the teachers just have to stay LONGER. LOL!!!!

I'm still trying to post the pics of Brittney's friend's dance revue....but having a slight problem w/ doing so. Trying to get that done now.. Don't know what the problem is! I can see why my sister gets annoyed w/ all of this computer stuff. As she would say, "I'm done with computers. Fuck this"!!!!! LMAO. She is crazy...but trust me, I'm so not like her ;-)
Tomorrow we go to check up on the 'bun in the oven'. It's after school, so at least I'm not missing teaching or anything. I'm hoping that the baby is doing okay, but I'm sure it is. It kicks the heck out of me at night...but all in all, this was a good pregnancy. But I can't wait til June 19th.....when the baby is due. I can't wait to see what he or she looks like. My son can't wait either....the daughter is kinda not 'too excited'. And the husband.....more than excited. Haha, so we'll see.
Talk to guys soon!

~ Dana

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