Friday, May 30, 2008


Hi to everyone!!
So, it's FRIDAY!!!!!! Normally, I would be more than excited because when it's Friday during the school year, I am SOOOOO happy. LOL but I am still happy it's Friday. Get to spend some time w/ hubby cuz he's off of work. Ever since we had kids..........we never really have any time to ourselves. But this weekend, my daughter is going to a friend's house & my son is going with his friends mudriding.....I don't get how he loves to do that. Too dirty for me! Hahaha, but anyway Mark (my hubby) and I will be going out to dinner on Saturday (tomorrow) and then come back home to watch some movies. So, it's gonna be a calm night and boy, am I excited!!! NO KIDS to bother us, but I know its gonna go by fast lol.

Sorry about not 'posting' in a few days...been really busy. But know that I will keep posting on here ;-)
Brittney has found herself a boyfriend (YIKESSSS!) and even though he seems nice, I don't want them doing anything in kissing, or having intimate moments. LOL I am over-protected with things like this. But I know Brittney won't do anything wrong, or at least I hope so. Anyway, we'll see what happens.
About to go take a walk with Mark........the kids will be leaving @ 4, so we have just a little more time with them.
Talk to you soon or as some of you may say 'Post later'.
Have a GREAT weekend!!!

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