Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekend is here....

Wow, so the weekend is finally here and school is out for the summer!!!!! Let me tell you, I am so happy. Feels like it took FOREVER to get here........LOL but I am really happy that its here. Had a 'retirement' party for one of the thrid grade teachers that is retiring, on Friday! It was nice...but if I get the chance to do so, I'll post some pictures.

So sorry about not being able to 'post' a new blog in the last few days!!!! I have been busy w/ getting out the students' grades and report cards and getting all my stuff in my classroom packed I will be moving to another classroom two doors down. So, it's gonna be an adjustment. My daughter has her dance revue coming up, on June 7th @ 4:00, at a local theatre. It should be really nice. And I've also been busy getting things ready for the new baby........went to the doctor on Monday and everything was fine!!!!!!!!! What a relief! We are still looking forward to June 19th, when the baby comes. Ahhhhhhh, we can't wait. And some people have asked me if it's a boy or girl and truth is....we don't know yet. So, it's gonna be a surprise. :-)

Anyway, we have to go to our son's last baseball today. He can't wait for it to be over, he says he needs a break. Which, I can't really blame him.........he had 13 games this season. My husband has been practing with him these last few weeks, so we'll see. But I have to head out now, talk to you all soon!


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