Monday, July 21, 2008

Getting closer..uggggghhhh!

The days are getting there...........almost time to go 'back to school'. Can you believe it????!! I mean, honsetly, this summer has just FLEW by!!!!!! And I am NOT ready to go back to school. Seriously. It's werid because I always wanted to be a teacher when I was younger and I am one now. And when I started the job, I loved it!!!! But after 23 years, I am just worn out!!!!!!!!! Between getting up early, meetings, dealing w/ kids all day, after-school meetings. papers to grade, and all that..............I just am really tired. Mark really does help a lot with Britt & Matt, and does sometimes get home before so, he cleans up a little. That realllllly helps!! And I so appreciate it! With Jehnna now here, my mother and Mark's mom is going to take turns with watching her; My mom has Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Mark's mom has Tuesdays and Thursdays. That will help us out BIG time, and we're gonna need that help. LOL But hopefully, since I'm teaching 4th grade this year, the kids are easier AND that they behave well. Pssssh, yeah, right. What am I thinking??!! Ha ha! Gotta this memo in my head: 'Kids are matter WHAT the age'. They are wild and crazy.........well, most of them anyway!!!! I know mine were in school, but angels in home and w/ family. Funny how that works sometimes, huh? Have to see how lil' Jehnna turns out ;-)
Well, on Saturday, Jehn turned one month old! Family members came to the house and Mark grilled some hamburgers and chicken w/ bbq. Just for a visit with Jehn. And I know we went a LITTLE over the top with this, but hey, one month is something. lol. And this is our last baby, we have to have some fun with her.
And I DID get some pictures of Jehn........but I am trying to see if they 'show' up on here. Sometimes they don't, and I have nooooo idea why. Anyone knows who can help me out???
But anyway, gona try to post them.
I hope you all had a great day and weekend. I will post soon and most likely...with pictures.

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Veronica said...

You're right: kids are kids no matter what the age!! They just get more "mature" with the insults! LOL Email me and I'll help w/the pics!