Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jehnna is now one month!!!

Ahhhhh, can't believe it!!!! Jehnna turns one month old today.........and I know that it isn't a BIG milestone, but ya know......she IS one month now. :-)
She is just getting soooooooo big, and is growing sooo fast!!!!!! It still seems like yesterday when she first came out in the hospital room. Sooo little then, and now, getting so bigger by each day. She's so amazing and is a sweet baby, if I must say so. I'm going to take a picture today and post it later on tonight/or tomorrow. Mark and I are gonna take a walk in the park in a while with little Jehn. Then, some family members are gonna come to the house later on in the evening, to visit with her. Gonna be a full house. Oh, and Britt's friend is still here. LOL good thing I didn't think she was only gonna stay for one night........or else I would've been surprised because she was staying longer than one night. But it's all good. They're having a fun time, which is, by the way, great!!! And Matt's friend....left this morning. So, let's just say, let the annoying Britt and her friend.........BEGIN!!!!!!!! Ha ha!
Anyway, gonna go get ready for today.
Pictures are going to be taken, so ya get to see some soon.
Have a great day....I'll post soon.

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