Thursday, July 10, 2008

Trying to stay 'On Top'.

I've been trying to post everday now since Jehnna is getting a little bit older and bigger.............but she still needs me and I spend my whole days caring for her as well as taking care for the older ones....Britt and Matt. Teens...crazy, huh??! So, Dana is here trying to get back to 'normal' just a bit. LOL don't know how that'll work...but we'll see if it does. ;-)
Jehn's almost a month old. On the 19th she'll be a month. Ahhhhhhh, can't beleive it!!!!!!!! Time flies and it simply amazes me. Seems like yesterday...
Anyway, it's late here but hey, busy day and life. Jehn is sleeping and I'm hoping she sleeps well tonight. She woke up @ 3 AM this morning and then woke up again at 5 AM. Was worn out when she woke up at by the time I'm done typing this, she should still be sleeping. (I hope......) LOL
I'm going to change up the blog a little.....needs some changes.....don't ya think??!!!
Need to hurry though, I need my sleep!!!!
But stop by my blog and leave some comments once in a while, and let me know how ya like the changes. :-)
I'll post soon.....Nighty Night.

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Veronica said...

You could still take a "Mini" vacay. You need to "recharge." Take it from me! I deal w/5 kids plus my 2 everyday!! Makes us better Moms when we take that "break." Once school starts again, it'll get easier for ya! Have a good one. TTYL