Monday, July 14, 2008

New week and lots to do!!

Well, here is a brand new week!!!! It's amazing how FAST this summer is, and I go back to school August 6th. :-( I am SOOOOOOO not ready for that............Britt and Matt go back August 11th. Okay, around 3 weeks left for me (if that much lol). Jehnna is doing well, actually have a doctor's appointment tomorrow in the morning. Along with many other things to do............: Have to work on my sister's garden on Thursday, since, well, she needs help....Britt has to go to dance camp this week and I have to drive her and pick her up (she's on the high school's dance team and they have practice), Matt has a friend from his old school spending three days, and I have to go shopping for the house and school......better start buying the 'school stuff' now, if not, they won't have much left of ANYTHING. LOL like last year, went the 2nd week in August, and nothing..........................boy, was I peeved about that!!!!!! But, starting out great this year and early. So, should be good. Lets just hope the year gors by fasttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh, we'll see. But anyway, sorry I haven't posted in a few days. Been busy w/ cleaning and taking care of Jehn. So its been crazy busy and this week, is expected to be an even busier one!!! So if I don't post in a few'll know why. :-)
But other than that, I should be able to post a few times this week. Well, gonna go and start cleaning up a bit while Jehn's taking a nap.
Post you soon.

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Veronica said...

Know what you mean about supplies! Gotta start NOW! School starts the 13th! Glad everyone is doing okay. TTYL