Monday, June 2, 2008

Britt & Matt

Okay........I know, I know. You're probably wondering what in the world am I doing up this late but I just couldn't go to sleep so I decided to post a few pictures of my 'babies'.

Even though they may not like it when I say it, but they are very much still my babies. LOL

I'll start from the oldest.........this is Brittney:

First one of her is in her room w/ her boyfriend LOL.......okay I needed to let him come to the house at least once. And trust me, they did NOTHING wrong. ;-)

Second one if outside the house.

And the last one.......was taken last year before the revue.

Now........on to Matthew:

First one is of him.....playing soccer.

Second one of him is sitting down LOL.....crazy.
Lol, I need to find some more pictures Matt, but can't find any. I'll have to upload them. Anyway, NOW I'm getting tired. I'll post you guys tomorrow....or today actually.
Hope you get a good rest!

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