Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hump Day....

It's Wednesday.......also known as 'Hump Day'. LOL and if ya don't know what that means.......go look it up!!!!!!
But if you're really smart, you'll know what it means. ;-)
Today I actually went shopping with Brittney and went out to Wal-mart to buy some things for the house that needed......ex: shampoo, body wash, FOOD, etc. I gotta tell ya, we are always running low on food and I think that's cause my kids don't know when to stop eating hahahaha. I tell them to slow down on the food but guess they don't know how.
My husband is another one...........................LOVES to eat and I think that's where they get the eating from, don't ya agree??!!!

So, tomorrow I go and check up on the baby. Mark is actually taking off of work so he can go with me! I am excited because he hasn't gone in awhile with me. So, can't wait!!!!!! Hoping everything is going to be fine, which I'm sure it is but you never know. Wish us luck..........only 15 more days of being 'pregnant'.

Well, tonight I'm going to take Matthew and his friend to the movies and then swimming.....I know, I know. You're probably thinking, 'Swimming, after movies????' Yeah, they love swimming at night. It's crazy. LOL and Brittney is inviting her two friends over to sleep, so it's going to be a crazy, wild night!!!! Can I just say 'HELP??!!' Ha!
Gonna go get ready to bring the boys. I'll post you all whenever I get the chance..........might be able to get online to tonight and post of things. We'll see.
Have a wonderful evening/night.

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Veronica said...

2 weeks left, eh? My sister's B-day is the 14th. I'm the 8th. Our younger sis is July 5th. We're all summer babies. My dd is 6/29. We go thru food here too. Worse in the summer!!! It's like "free reign", "all day buffet"! Come see what I've been up to, on my blog. Oh JOY!!!!!