Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday already?!

I can't believe it's Monday already!!!!
Wow. I had a GREAT & RELAXING weekend with Mark because the kids were away for the weekend. So when I woke up yesterday morning, I turned over to Mark and was like, " Ahhh, it's already Sunday, which means only a few hours before the kids come home". LOL!!!!!!! So, in the little time we had left with each other, we went to the park and I actually WALKED! Ever since I found out that I was having a baby, I didn't want to way. But yesterday, I did for some reason........but that was good. ;-) Anyway, we walked for about 20 minutes and then went out for 'brunch'. Went to iHOP and had a nice time along with some great food. I just love breakfast food!! But by the time we returned back home, it was around 2 PM and Matthew's little friends called and said that they won't be home til around 5. Boy, if I would have known that then Mark and I could have done some other things.......but we decided to lay in bed and watch TV. Britt didn't get home til about 7:30 and poor thing was tired when she walked into the door.......went straight to her room. I walked into her room at about 8:45 and she was alseep. Woooooow.....I never would think she would go to bed that early on a summer night!!!! But she was really tired. Matt, on the other hand......didn't go to bed until 11:45. Crazy child I tell ya! Lol.

Anyway, have lots of things going on this week:
Doctors on Thursday to check up on the 'new' baby. Ahhhhh, almost there!!!!! I can't wait.....this is exciting.
Matt has this 'sports camp' this whole week.....he likes sports so we had signed him up for it, which gives him something to do.
This whole week I have to run errands and clean the whole house....uuugh hahaha.
And Britt's dance revue. She's excited.....can't wait to see how she does!

Well, gotta run. I hope you all had a great Monday.
Post you all tomorrow.

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