Saturday, June 7, 2008

Revue time!!!!!

A big 'hi' to everyone who reads my blog!!!! And if you have been keeping 'up' with me, Britt's dance revue is today, in about two hours. She's getting ready right now, and we'll leave in about an hour........have to be there at 3:15 and revue is @ 4 sharp. Crazy and it's a 20 minute drive, so gotta move FAST!!!!!!! LOL!!
Anyway, she's in three numbers........jazz, tap, and ballet!!! I have my camera all set and Mark has the video camera ready..........he does all the video taping Ha, I can't fool with all of that!! Already have my hands busy on the camera AND trying to make sure the pictures come out okay. Uuuuuuugh, that's a job!!!! Last year, the pictures were blurry. I took about 65 pictures and only 25 were clear, good pictures. So I gotta make sure it gets 'clear' this time!!! LOl.
Sorry about rambling on.........
The revue should be over @ 6:45 and then, we'll go out to eat. Don't know where yet, have to let Britt decide......JOY!! Nah, just kidding.....she actually picks good places to go eat ;-)
But I'll 'try' to post some pictures of the revue and Britt..........I said 'try' so don't count on it LOL.
Have a great night and I'll post later.
Might get on later.
PYS. 'Post you Soon'

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