Saturday, June 14, 2008


Hey to everyone............
Well, as one of my blog readers has said, I'm 'nesting' or 'resting' this weekend. ;-) Oh, and you know who you are!!!!!! But yeah, I've had a pretty hectic week and am trying to relax this weekend. This is actually my LAST weekend before the baby comes!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm getting there. I'm due on the 19th, which is Thursday! So, getting everything ready for the 'hospital stay'. And on top of that...............getting the baby's room ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have everything pretty much done, but later at around 4, I'll try to finish up w/ Mark. We should be done least I hope so. Hahaha! But we should be!

So, as I have been 'resting' today I have been watching some TV. Okay and I have to admit, I normally DON'T watch MTV because I'm older and think it's retarted and crazy but I LOVE watching 'The Real World: Hollywood'. Ha, I think it's fun to watch and actually enjoy it!!!!! Call me crazy but I like it. That's the ONLY show I watch on it lol. Britt actually got me into it. She watches most of the shows on MTV. But if you do happen to watch it...............what ya think about it?! Let me know........I'm curious ;-)

But I am going to rest some more. I have to. LOL but I hope you all have a great day and enjoy your day!!!!! And I'll post you soon.

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