Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wow, almost a week?!?!!

I cannot get over the fact that Jehnna is FINALLY here.............ahhhhhh I don't want to look/seem conceited, but she is just beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Britt was SOOO happy to have a little sister and Matt, was happy but sorta upset because he was ME! LOL we thought it was gonna be a little boy, but we were wrong. Oh well!!! Mark was pretty happy when he found out that he was right ;-)
But while Jehnna has been home from the hospital.........I realized how fast time flies!! I mean, it's almost been a week since she was born....A WEEK already?! She seems so big already, as I look at her sleeping (next to me in her little seat/chair. The other night I couldn't help but remember when I brought Matt & Britt home from the hospital. It seems like yesterday when I held them for the first time....looked into those little eyes of theirs. Ahhh and now, they're 14 1/2 and 11. Woooow. And the thing that gets me thinking is that Britt is gonna be a senior in just three years!!!!! It's scary. My first born is almost done w/ school. :-(
Okay, okay, okay..........I'll stop. LOL But anyway, I just wanted to let you all know how I am doing. Trying to take lots of pictures so I can post whenever I get the chance. We'll keep checking the blog every now and then.
I'll post soon.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your night.

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