Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend almost over...

The weekend is almost always!!!!
But today was a good/fun day for us! Went to one of my friend's b-day party. I had a good weren't there because of the drinks that were being given out. So it was nice having just 'us' adults there. LOL
But of course since I'm pregnant, couldn't have any drinks. Oh well, I'll live. Mark had only two drinks.........the party started around 2:30 and ended at around 5:00. Seen many, many friends that I haven't seen in a LOONGGG time!!!!!!! That was nice being able to see them.

Anyway, besides that happening today.......the kids were at home being watched by my mother. Boy, were they mad that they couldn't stay home ALONE!!!! I mean, god knows what they would do if they were. Not saying they are bad just never know!!!!!!!! But mom left when we returned home. Now.......I have five kids at my house. No notice or nothing. Great, huh???!!!! Matt has 1 friend over and Britt has 2 friends over!! Wonderful!!!!!!!! I have no problem with it but I could have gotten a notice. Don't ya think??!

Well, I'm going to lay down. Had a fun day but I am worn out!!!! Going to read the newspaper and watch some TV. Sound fun??? Maybe not, but it'll do for me!!!!!! Post you soon.
Have a great night and here's to a great week ahead. ;-)


Veronica said...

Hey Girl, glad you made it thru the revue!! I had an interesting day as well. Just luv gossip in a small town, specially when it's about me!!!!! Me? I don't care, it was WHO it originated from that's funny/angry at the same time! Get some rest. TTYL

Veronica said...

BTW, after my dd's dance revue, we went to eat at Olive Garden!!