Friday, June 6, 2008

It's Friday......again!

It's the weekend.......again!!! LOL and I say 'again' because last weekend we had the house to ourselves and Britt and Matt weren't home, but this weekend they are home to stay!
Ahhhh, oh well. To be honest, I kinda did miss them last weekend :P.
Anyway, we have to go to Britt's dance revue on Saturday (tomorrow, actually) and that's for 4. That's on Saturday and Sunday, birthday party to go to for a friend of mine. So it should be a great weekend.........almost as 'nice' as last weekend ;-).
Sorry I wasn't able to post a new blog on Wednesday night like I said I would, but the boys were so busy swimming and having fun, that I was just paying attention to them and by the time I got home, I was worn OUT!!!!!! LOL
I did actually bring my laptop to the I always seem to forget it......but the time when I do, I don't use it....ashame, huh???!!
And yesterday, had a doctor's appointment and then went out to eat with 'hubby'. It was nice!!!!!! And great news, the baby is doing FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah, I was so relieved. One more appointment w/ doc and then it's time for my final delivery........exciting!! And yeah, this is the last baby. Getting too old for any more LOL.
Well, I hope you all are having a great day.......I'm going to sit outside with Mark and we're making some lemonade...yummy!
Post you guys later!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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Veronica said...

Hey Girl! Glad everyone, including baby, is doing great! Wish I had a pool to jump in for it is still over 80 in my house! Tomorrow, a new unit will be installed. Waiting on window units to cool off house. Just started them up, after DD blew the circuit breaker! We weren't home when she did. Oh well. Now SHE isn't home to "suffer" with us! Good luck to your DD on her Revue. Ours was last sunday!